High Density Polyethylene Sewage Pipes
June 29, 2017
Hdpe Pipe for Sewage Supply
July 5, 2017
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HDPE Pipes

High Density Polyethylene Pipes are an effective and proven method of transferring liquids, gases and other material from one location to another. High Density Polyethylene Pipes have a vast application in metropolitan, mechanical, chemical, mining and agricultural industries. They can be easily installed on ground, above surface or float under water. High Density Polyethylene Pipes can effectively carry water, slurries, hazardous chemicals, oil as well as compressed gases. Made up of quality material, these pipes are sturdy and require least maintenance. The construction of these pipes is strong and tough giving it long service life. They have excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals and are inert to various alkaline solutions.

Key Features:

  • Considered to be flexible and easy to handle
  • Minimal frictional losses due to smooth inner lines of the wall
  • Made up of virgin pipe grade raw materials
  • Strong and sturdy construction makes it a life-long product


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