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July 5, 2017
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Telecom Duct

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PLB HDPE TELECOM DUCTS are used as underground cable conduits for optical fibre cables ,suitable for cable installation by blowing technique or pulling by rope.

PLB HDPE DUCT consists of 2 concentric layers , the outer layer being HDPE , co extruded with an inner layer of solid silicone permanent lubricant to reduce the internal coefficient of fraction (ICF) .
Alternatively the duct can be of a homogeneous construction without a separate inner layer .
The ducts are also manufactured in homogeneous construction with inside containing smooth lubricants for easy and convenient pulling of cables .
UV stablished HDPE resin used for the outer layer of plb hdpe duct shall conform to any designation of IS-7328 or any equivalent standard meeting the requirements when tested as per IS-2530 .DENSITY :
0.940 – 0.958 g/cc @ 27 deg cent
MELT FLOW RATE (MFR) :- 0.2 to 1.1 g/10min @ 190 deg cent and 5 kg load .INNER LAYER :
The inner lubricant material shall be of friction reducing , polymeric material . The coextruded inner layer of solid permanent lubricant shall be integral part with HDPE and white in colour, clearly visible in cross section of duct .
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